Booking travel is easy now. Why you need a Corporate Travel Management Company?
Asking your own highly skilled employees to book travel arrangements is certainly not an option for your business, and it means loss in your productivity. How many unproductive hours of searching the internet are you and your staff spending to get your travel arrangements?  If you are a small or large multi-million dollar business and you value time, experience, service, and money, using a Travel Management Company is certainly the right choice for you.

A Travel Management Company (TMC) is much more than a simple travel agent. Travel expenditures are typically the second largest controllable expense of corporations, often higher than IT or R&D spend. As a result, the travel procurement process is critical, beyond the act of travel reservation itself. Your travel partner needs to bring you solutions to implement your policy and processes, provide you access to the right fares, meaning the lowest fares that meet your specific needs which vary from business to business and even from trip to trip, be able to give you travel advice on how to get there, offer you cost-effective hotel options, and then when the transaction is done, provide the company with accurate Management Information on where its money went, as well as being able to provide emergency assistance when the situation calls for it. All this needs to happen quickly, efficiently, consistently, and in a customer-friendly manner. 

Doing all this is a challenge that many fail to meet with consistency. That is why AntaVaya Corporate Travel (PT Vayatour) is widely recognized at the most respected TMC in Indonesia: we are the experts of Corporate Travel Management, and we do it best.