Born from the association of two of the most prestigious travel houses of Indonesia, Antatour and Vayatour, Antavaya Group is a leading Travel and Events powerhouse in Indonesia. We cover the whole spectrum of the travel and event industry through a number of specific business units focused at being the best at what they do, but always taking advantages of the strong synergies between them. As a part of strong business conglomerate CT Corp, Antavaya Group boasts unique partnerships with a wide range of businesses, from banking to television, entertainment, hospitality, food and beverage and luxury retail.

Antavaya at a Glance
Both Antatour and Vayatour were founded over 40 years ago and had been present all across the travel industry value chain, establishing over the years a reputation of service and reliability second to none in Indonesia.

In 2012, a new leadership team with international background opened a new chapter in our company, introducing the Antavaya identity, refocusing our business units to sharpen our expertise, introducing new technology to embrace the new online world, and expanding into adjacent activities to enhance our future.

Today, Antavaya Group sales exceeds $300 million and we employ one thousand people across the broadest nationwide network. We cover the whole spectrum of the travel and event industry through a number of specific business units and always taking advantages of the strong synergies between them:

Vayatour Corporate Travel, the #1 corporate travel agency in Indonesia
Antavaya Leisure, a leading retailer of tours and travel
Antavaya Events, our specialist in corporate meetings and incentive travel
Antavaya Convex, an emerging force in the Conference and Exhibition market
Antavaya Destination, our Destination Management Company for Indonesia
Antavaya Partners, distributing air, hotel and tour content to a network of sub-agents

We believe in robust business supported by modern systems and procedures, as demonstrated by our ISO 9001.2008 certification or our long partnership with global travel management expert HRG (Hogg Robinson Group), whose global customers are cared for in Indonesia by Vayatour.

CT Corp is a rapidly growing, diversified Indonesian-based holding company that is active in several industries. The group is divided into three main business holding operations concentrating in Financial Services, Media, Lifestyle & Entertainment, and Natural Resources. The group has established strongly-positioned companies in the consumer market, such as: Bank Mega, Mega Life, Antavaya, Trans TV, Trans 7, Trans Fashion, and Transmart.

In 2006 - 2007, the company was one of the fastest growing business conglomerates in Indonesia through aggressive acquisitions and organic growth of its core businesses. Two of the group's many achievements in 2007: Bank Mega experienced the highest growth in net income and credit cards amongst any Indonesian banks, and the two television stations - Trans TV and Trans 7, generated the profits that equaled the profits of the rest of the industry. CT Corp credited this outstanding overall growth to synergies between the group's companies and efficient operational control that is embedded uniformly in the culture of the group.

In 2008, the former company name of Para Group was rebranded to become CT Corp. It is a brand that embeds Mr. Chairul Tanjung's name and character - essentially evoking values of optimism and exemplary leadership for the future. In addition, this was a strategic step to reposition the group as a multi-national company, ready to expand into the region and other parts of the globe. Looking towards the future, CT Corp is committed to continued growth. The group will continue to develop innovative products and services which will provide more value to customer, attract quality professionals and business experts, as well as establish strategic partnerships with investors both in Indonesia and internationally.

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Genuine Care

We care for our customers and our customers’ customers and we love to delight them.

We care for our staff and their families.

Creativity and Innovation

We can push ourselves out of the box, thinking new ideas and new ways to do things better, smarter, faster.


We want our customers to trust us every single time, because we deliver on our promises through robust processes and technology.

Business relevancy

We strive to be relevant to our corporate customers by understanding their business and always looking for ways to add value.

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